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It is the policy of Setco Automotive (UK) Ltd to supply products and engineering support services that consistently satisfy customer and regulatory requirements. All products are manufactured & delivered in accordance with our Integrated Management System, which is designed to meet the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 for all aspects of the company. We also focus on:

  • Designing and implementing new or modified products to meet customer requirements within agreed timescales.
  • Determining, monitoring and reviewing external and internal issues that are relevant to the purpose and strategic direction of the organisation.
  • Determining, monitoring and reviewing information about interested parties that are relevant to the organisation.
  • Determining the risks and opportunities that need to be addressed to enhance desirable effects for the organisation and prevent or reduce undesired effects.
  • Training and motivating employees to help Setco Automotive (UK) Ltd continually improve; thus improving operational performance and reducing waste.
  • Providing a safe working environment.

Performance of the quality management system will be measured by key performance indicators. The management team will review implementation of the policy and achievement of the key performance indicators through regular operational management reviews and by an annual strategic planning review.

The policy is communicated to all employees, and understanding verified through regular team meetings and communications.