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Global Design & Development of the Setco group is lead from the UK Research and Development centre, which has been developing commercial vehicle clutches for over 30 years.

Our Engineering team create and analyse new product designs by utilising the latest Creo 3D CAD and Finite Element Analysis software, allowing us to design and manufacture specialised one–offs or production quantities to service O.E. demand.

By utilising our clutch endurance test equipment, each new Lipe Clutch cover assembly design is typically released and engaged 3.6 million times whilst at a temperature of 125°C. The spring centres of the Lipe Clutch discs, which are critical to damp out engine vibration and to provide smooth clutch engagement, are compressed 2.5 million times. This testing is representative of a lifetime of arduous use in a truck, and meets or exceeds the expectations of the major truck manufacturers. Products are only approved for production after passing these tests without breakage or significant loss of performance.